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Fall Harvest!

October 13
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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost mid October! Summer has slipped into Fall, and today the weather was the kind of beautiful crispness, with a clarity that only autumn can bring. I find the Fall brings a kind of lucidity that only it can bring. Summer can be hazy daze, Spring an uncertain damping thaw, and Winter icy alertness. But only Fall can bring a sense of harvest and fulfillment, that other seasons cannot. The farmer’s markets are overfilled with flowers and vegetables of all kinds, and there is a bounty with the changing of the leaves.

Astrologically, this Fall may be intense, with the Equinox chart showing Venus in Scorpio, conjunct Saturn Square Mars in Leo, and The Sun in a T-Square opposing Uranus, Squaring Pluto. The good news is that Venus is Trine Jupiter, so even thought sparks may fly with Mars, ultimately growth and opportunity and expansion should occur during this Fall Harvest!

This year may have felt as though it’s gone at a breakneck pace, however, the good news is that we’re in for a lot of R&R astrologically this Fall and coming Winter (and actually all the way through May of 2014)! It seems to be as if we’re all going to be taking a 6 month recharge of the batteries, starting in mid December when Venus goes Retrograde until the end of January 2014. Then in February Mercury will be Retrograde, and then come March Mars will get into the act Retrograding all the way through mid May! It might be a Winter to get a Roku and resubscribe to Netflix if you’ve let your subscription lax! It also might be a great Winter to rest up and recouperate, psychologically and physically (I wouldn’t advise going on any daredevil trips for the first time during Mars Retro!).

However, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Let’s get back to the beautiful clarity of this Fall, which will culminate in an eclipse this Friday October 18th at 7:37 pm EDT. Mars will be Trine Pluto, Venus Trine Uranus, and Mercury (soon to go Retrograde) Trine Jupiter. This should be a high point of discovery before Mercury reverses course on Monday Oct 21st at 6:28 am EDT in Scorpio. During the weeks until Mercury goes direct on Nov 10th, hidden things in area where Scorpio is in your chart may be unearthed! With a Solar Eclipse on November 3rd, the Fall may offer new beginnings that could come from a contact from the past, or a hidden karma that will bring a great new start in one area of your life!

Enjoy the bounty, discovery, and clarity of mind that this Fall brings to you before our next solstice that brings in the rest and recuperation of Winter!

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Lost in the Triangle

May 20
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I realize I haven’t posted since the Eclipse Triangle began on April 25th, with a Lunar Eclipse! I meant to, I really did. But Eclipses have a way of sucking you in, like a vortex, or dare I say, something like the Bermuda Triangle?

I recently thought of the analogy, because I, in fact, recently visited Bermuda, with the intention of having a very significant birthday possibly vanish into thin air, or at the very least forgetting completely about it! It occurred to me then, while lying in that magical place, that my birthday was in the middle of these three eclipses, and that when eclipses come in three’s, they seem to act like a mysterious time when Big Decisions and Life Changes are made, only to emerge in a completely different place after one leaves “The Triangle”!

Indeed, many people have been in the process of moving, or considering whether to move, staring new jobs, or in general, ending one thing and beginning another. That’s the great thing about eclipses, almost always, if something ends during an eclipse it was meant to give way for something new to begin! It’s almost like if you want to plant something new, you may have to clear the field before something else can grow. I’m in a pastoral frame of mind for my analogies, coming back from island paradise!

Which isn’t to say that eclipses are easy! Many times they are not, especially the Lunar ones, as usually the Lunar ones do more “pruning” and the Solar ones do more “planting.” We had an intense Lunar Eclipse on April 25th between 5° Taurus/Scorpio, which might have “pruned” various things from your life, or gotten you thinking about a Big Change, esp since Mars was conjunct Sun, and Saturn conjunct the Moon during that eclipse. It was an eclipse where we were all thinking “long term” and trying to come to terms with what we wanted for the future. Then there was the Solar Eclipse in 19° Taurus on May 9th, which was friendlier, and got everyone thinking about New Good Things in store ahead, with the Pluto Trine Mars/Mercury/Moon/Sun.

Finally, we will have another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse this Saturday, May 25th at 12:24 am EDT, with Sun in 4° Gemini and Moon in Sagittarius. This will be the final eclipses in the Gemini/Sagittarius polarity for a while. It’s a nice one to end on as Venus and Mercury will Conjunct with Jupiter, planet of Good Fortune! Even if you lose something now, you’ll be winning in the end, because whatever will replace what’s gone will be so much better! It seems to me a good time to let go of things that aren’t working for you, and embrace what you want to move ahead with in life, as we move out of the Triangle of Eclipses!

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Help is On the Way!

November 27
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Weeks after the hurricane and the power restored to my work building, the elevator lights still blink “Help in On the Way” on the ride up in the morning and down in the evenings. I’m not sure how many people noticed this, and I’ll admit, at first it was a little creepy. But I’ve decided to take it as a sign. I know that the events of the past couple of months, at least in the New York area, have been quite intense to say the least.

Hurricane Sandy created damage of immense proportions; it seems the T Square that inaugurated the Fall Equinox, and the subsequent Harvest Moon, involving Sun/Moon/Uranus/Pluto, has had its impact. We just finished a three week Retrograde of Mercury that had us revisiting things from around the time of the hurricane. We had a solar eclipse in Scorpio mid-month and now we’re finishing up the month with another Full Moon Lunar Eclipse, this Wednesday at 9:45 am EST. This Full Moon Eclipse has a strong Venus (Love)/Saturn (Time/Karma) and Mars (Action)/Pluto (Big Change) conjunctions that are Inconjunct (150 degrees) to the eclipsed moon at almost 7 degrees Gemini.

Inconjuncts are a very unstable aspect, and sometimes can manifest the unexpected, or something that needs to be resolved. I would say that this might produce some deep thinking about long term relationships/Creativity (Venus/Mars) and if there are changes needed (Pluto) to get where you want to go (Saturn). Venus/Saturn and Mars/Pluto have a harmonious aspect between them, so it looks as if the big changes in this area at least, may be easier than not and will ultimately be for the better (especially as the Moon is conjunct Jupiter in this eclipse). Not all effects from an eclipse happen immediately. Sometimes their effects can be felt a month later, so even though we are out of the Mercury Retrograde zone and heading into the jolly season of the holidays, there may be after effects of the eclipses on December 13/14 and 28/29th.

However, I do believe that “Help is On the Way!” Although it’s been a challenging Autumn full of change, perhaps more than we would like, we are less than a month away from the Winter Solstice, where another chart will influence the following three months as we move into the first portion of 2013. The Solstice chart is not nearly so intense as the Fall Equinox, and involves some lovely aspects between Venus (Love) /Mercury (Communication) and Uranus (Unexpected Change) /Moon (Feelings), as well as the Sun with both Saturn (Discipline) and Neptune (Spirituality). I don’t think that the Mayan calendar change on 12/21 will signify end of days as some speculate. However, it might be shown that “Help is On the Way!” A playlist with the same name, below, as we start the holiday season!

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The Autumn Carnival & October Full Moon

October 29
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As I write, I keep expecting the lights to go out and to be left in semi-darkness in my apartment. . . I started my first glass of rose at 3 and tried to be semi-productive today, first getting out Winter clothes, and then re-organizing my closets a bit. But soon I expect to just be watching the BBC’s “Sherlock” and having another glass of rose. The Full Moon clocked in at 3:49 EDT this afternoon.

I did say that this Fall would bring some big changes! I did not expect a Frankenstorm however. And instead of the Sun and Moon playing their part in the Big Uranus/Pluto T-square face off, Venus has now decided to get into the action–this Full moon has her begin her opposition to Uranus in Aries, and Squaring Pluto in Capricorn. Jupiter opposing Mars suggests “something BIG” is afoot, and while the Sun makes a morose conjunction to Saturn, which is newly in Scorpio, they both Trine Neptune in Pisces. While the unexpected may happen, and in a big way, it will ultimately provide stabilization and a road to your dreams that might not have been there before.

November has lots in store for us. An election, a Mercury Retrograde, and inside that Mercury Retrograde, two eclipses! It’s almost at looking at a Black hole, or perhaps a Rabbit Hole, where everything will be curioser and curioser! This may be the Autumn Carnival we’ve been waiting for (mixtape below)!

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Lunar Eclipse & Venus Walks On the Sun

June 3
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Soon, I will be going to the Promised Land, and waking up in an ancient city of of red stone, when Venus walks the Face of the Sun (Tuesday or Wednesday depending on where you are located in the world). Things have been quite intense lately, it seems for almost everyone, and with a Lunar eclipse happening tomorrow June 4th at 7:11 am EDT on the East Coast, Neptune going retrograde later that day, and Venus Retrograding over the face of the sun, it’s all a bit much!

This eclipse might be a bit more intense than others, especially due to the fact that the Sun/Venus opposing Moon are all Square Mars! The Venus Square Mars is particularly close, so if there’s tension in a relationship, it’s possible that one or both of you might decide to end it. Although I usually advise not to made big decisions during an eclipse, sometimes it can’t be helped, so if something ends during this time, it’s important to know that you’re releasing something so that something better can fill its place.

I chose an image of a hallway of mirrors (from the Met actually!) because with so much action happening in Gemini, the sign of the Twins, I think this is an especially good time to look in the mirror, and really evaluate what you see. All relationships start with the relationship you have to your self. And what kind of relationship do you have with yourself? Our culture asks us more often “Who are you with?” rather than “How do you relate to yourself and how does this impact your relationship with others?” Is your relationship about how you both interact and relate to each other or are you just together because the other person will “reflect” well on you and make you look good? Or are you simply with this person because you don’t want to have to be only with your own reflection, that you might not like so well?

Venus continues her Retrograde passage even after her passage in front of the Sun. All through June 27th, we’ll have more than ample opportunity to reflect on our values, especially in relationships and how they reflect on the image we have of ourselves. A question you might ask yourself is “What do I see when I look in the mirror?”

Enjoy your time of reflection, and I will be back posting later in June, hopefully having fully asked myself all of the questions above, and having found some answers!

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