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Fall Harvest!

October 13
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It’s hard to believe that it’s almost mid October! Summer has slipped into Fall, and today the weather was the kind of beautiful crispness, with a clarity that only autumn can bring. I find the Fall brings a kind of lucidity that only it can bring. Summer can be hazy daze, Spring an uncertain damping thaw, and Winter icy alertness. But only Fall can bring a sense of harvest and fulfillment, that other seasons cannot. The farmer’s markets are overfilled with flowers and vegetables of all kinds, and there is a bounty with the changing of the leaves.

Astrologically, this Fall may be intense, with the Equinox chart showing Venus in Scorpio, conjunct Saturn Square Mars in Leo, and The Sun in a T-Square opposing Uranus, Squaring Pluto. The good news is that Venus is Trine Jupiter, so even thought sparks may fly with Mars, ultimately growth and opportunity and expansion should occur during this Fall Harvest!

This year may have felt as though it’s gone at a breakneck pace, however, the good news is that we’re in for a lot of R&R astrologically this Fall and coming Winter (and actually all the way through May of 2014)! It seems to be as if we’re all going to be taking a 6 month recharge of the batteries, starting in mid December when Venus goes Retrograde until the end of January 2014. Then in February Mercury will be Retrograde, and then come March Mars will get into the act Retrograding all the way through mid May! It might be a Winter to get a Roku and resubscribe to Netflix if you’ve let your subscription lax! It also might be a great Winter to rest up and recouperate, psychologically and physically (I wouldn’t advise going on any daredevil trips for the first time during Mars Retro!).

However, I’ve gotten ahead of myself. Let’s get back to the beautiful clarity of this Fall, which will culminate in an eclipse this Friday October 18th at 7:37 pm EDT. Mars will be Trine Pluto, Venus Trine Uranus, and Mercury (soon to go Retrograde) Trine Jupiter. This should be a high point of discovery before Mercury reverses course on Monday Oct 21st at 6:28 am EDT in Scorpio. During the weeks until Mercury goes direct on Nov 10th, hidden things in area where Scorpio is in your chart may be unearthed! With a Solar Eclipse on November 3rd, the Fall may offer new beginnings that could come from a contact from the past, or a hidden karma that will bring a great new start in one area of your life!

Enjoy the bounty, discovery, and clarity of mind that this Fall brings to you before our next solstice that brings in the rest and recuperation of Winter!

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Reflections on Summer during Mercury Retrograde!

July 13
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Up until the Mercury Retrograde that began on July 26th, Summer, even though it was’t officially Summer until the 20th, had been moving along at a breakneck pace! So much was happening that I couldn’t keep up with my multiple to-do lists!

Once the Merc Retro began, I found, like I always do with retrogrades, that the more I tried to push ahead, even just a little, the more I was pushed back, or had to do things twice! From having my rent check be returned as undeliverable when it was the correct address (sent on station Retrograde on the 26th–an especially unfortunate time to try and move ahead with things, astrologically) to the have multiple pairs of shoe orders, either be cancelled, or having to return them, I finally realized that even getting small things accomplished during a Mercury Retrograde can be more hassle than it’s worth!

So I let go, and gave up my to-do lists, and just stopped. I decided to do what retrogrades are best for, reflection. I read books, and re-organized my apartment a bit, and in general thought about where I am now and what I’ve accomplished for the year so far, and how even though we all can’t stand the heat right now, in only a couple of months, the weather may be too cold for many of us, and we’ll be looking back nostalgically on the hot days of Summer.

Summer, when Mercury is Retrograde, is a great time to just sit and BE. To not try and accomplish anything, or enact grand plans, but to really appreciate where you are in your life right now! Given that both Mercury and the Sun are in Cancer for the remainder of the retrograde, and because Cancer is associated with home, it’s a great time to reflect on one’s home and maybe envision and daydream about how you’d like your home to look! Put up a Pinterest or visioning board, and once Mercury goes Direct, (on July 20th at 2:23 pm EDT) slowly start making your vision a reality!

These lazy Mercury Retrograde days of Summer won’t last much longer, so enjoy them while you can!

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Spring Equinox!

March 23
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I’ve been a little “off the grid” lately during the past Mercury Retrograde. . . I took an almost two week vacation to Mexico, which included a one week yoga retreat, and then my boyfriend came down and we hung out on the beaches of Tulum together. It was amazing. And probably the first trip I’ve taken in a long time, where I came back rested and refreshed enough that I was glad to be back home. Ready for Spring!

Of course, it seems as though in many places of the US, Spring hasn’t exactly sprung yet, with freezing lows and highs barely into the 40s, but there is a sense of renewal in the air even if it’s crisp and cold. Given that astrologically, Pluto and Uranus are still squaring off relatively close to the Equinox and Solstices, these times are still times of “Big Change”! I’ll be blogging a bit more about some thoughts that percolated up through my mind on the retreat, about Change in general, and it’s important to know that if you’re feeling the Push for Change right now, you’re not alone!

What makes this Spring Equinox (which occurred March 20th, at 7:04 AM EDT) is that Mars, the planet of Assertiveness, gets into the Square, joining with the Sun and Uranus, squaring Pluto and the Moon, which is in it’s natural sign of Cancer. There’s a lot of explosive energy going on, so if it’s possible to meditate on how you’d like to use this energy instead of making rash decisions, it would be wise to do so!

Thankfully, Mercury, which just went out of Retrograde on March 17th, makes a lovely Trine to both Saturn the planet of Preparedness, and the Moon, planet of Feelings. You may be able to think and feel your way to plan what’s best for you now, and how to use the Fire Sign Trio of Sun, Mars, Uranus to your best purpose!

Utilize those remaining few weeks of weather that makes you want to stay indoors with a journal, thinking of things you’d like to change in the next three months of Spring! I’ll be giving you ideas on how to achieve your goals in the weeks to come!

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Mercury Retrograde: Take a Break!

February 23
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Everyone I know has been super busy since the start of 2013. My theory is that since the Mayan calendar started a new cycle on December 21, 2012, we’re all moving forwards in new areas of our life, and consequentially don’t have as much time as we used to. I know for myself, as I have a great new boyfriend, extra time to loll around and not do anything, almost doesn’t exist anymore! I’m not complaining at all mind you! However, it is a change to not get as many things done as I used to. I’m sure somewhere scientists are working on a way to stretch and manipulate time to expand it to fit your needs, but in the meantime, astrology has provided a nice “time out” called “Mercury Retrograde”!

Many fear the Mercury Retrograde, because traditionally, if you start something new during the Mercury Retrograde, you’ll have to redo it, or it won’t turn out the way you hoped it would. This assumes that everyone is trying to start a zillion new projects every day and you never have, or want for that matter, any downtime. However nature provides for Seasons, different times of the year for different things. You wouldn’t try and plant a tree outdoors in the middle of Winter, just as it might not be a good time to buy a new electronic device during a Mercury Retrograde.

This is actually a good thing! Like this NYtimes article suggests, sometimes it’s important to take a break from moving forwards in order to refresh yourself and move forward with new momentum! Are you itching to actually DO something from now until March 17th, when Mercury turns direct at 4 pm EDT? The good news is that Mercury Retrograde favors RE-doing things! RE-organization, RE-laxation, all the RE’s! If you have a project you need to finish, go for it! If you want to reorganize and clean your apartment or home, even better! It’s possible to see things from a new perspective with Mercury Retrograde, and many times, all that we need to have a big “aha” moment, is to see something from a new perspective!

So enjoy this “break time” provided courtesy of Mercury Retrograde, between now (officially this morning at 4:40 am EST) and March 17th! Spring will be right around the corner once we’ve finished this retrograde cycle, so let’s enjoy the reflective period of Winter, before we move into a new Season!

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