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April 20
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Today I put away all my turtlenecks. We are closer to May than the start of April, even though the weather is a bit slow to warm. Plus, it was on my To Do list. I’ve discovered the amazing “Wunderlist” app and website which has helped me be more productive and get things done.

I’m one of those people who desperately needs to write things down or else I will forget them. Especially as I have so many ideas floating around and usually put my ideas on a post-it note, which I then promptly lose! While I’ve found that most “To Do” apps just allow you to list things, the best part about this one is that it allows you to group things together into folders. So you can have a “To Do” folder, a “Shopping” folder, an “Organizing Apartment” folder, whatever you want folder!

Then you can check off completed items or even give yourself reminds about items and due dates. You can even share a list with someone else, if you’re collaborating on something! It’s completely easy and intuitive to use. Best of all, it’s completely free, is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows. It syncs up between devices so you’ll always have everything you need in any location. Pretty much it’s got you covered everywhere, and as far as I can see, it may be the only “list” app you’ll ever need!

Part of my Spring initiative, since I returned from my yoga retreat, is to examine my habits and see how they’re working for me and how they’re not. Habits, as I mentioned in my last post, can be either good or bad, but the key is that once you have them, they’re kind of like our autopilot. We think so much is within our control, but really we’re creatures of habit. A program and app like Wunderlist, helps me keep a habit of looking in one central place for what I need to do next, allowing me not to have to look around for that damn post-it! I think it’s a change for the better!

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Re-evaluating the Nest!

March 1
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I’ve been talking non-stop about how Retrogrades are great for re-organizing and that includes re-decorating! Last year was a big re-decorating and re-arranging the furniture year; most of it was accomplished during the Mercury retrogrades. Above are the fruits of last year, which are a complete improvement over the year before to be sure! But I don’t like to rest on my laurels, so have been thinking about what I’d like to do next with my space.

This time of year, is also traditionally when Feng Shui experts advise that one reorganize one’s space for the favorable and not-so favorable directions. Although I take them with a grain of salt, I’ve seen enough to think that maybe there’s something to this whole Feng Shui good direction thing, and figure what’s a better excuse for cleaning out clutter and re-thinking the best use of one’s space!

Already over the last couple of weeks, I’ve reorganized my desk area, many of the lamps, and simply gotten rid of much clutter. One can always do more though, so I’m looking for inspiration! Any ideas out there?

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Another one for the Library!

February 16
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Although this has been a rather tepid Winter, when I would have much preferred one with colder winds and snow storms whipping around, it’s still nice to stay home on the weekends and cozy up with a good book. Of course, anyone who’s been to my apartment knows that I have more than a few books. Last year I went on a big organizing kick and in fact gave away a lot of books, but I still have plenty left! Enough to have me thinking of ways that I could more artfully arrange them. As I’ve mentioned before, retrogrades are good for re-organizing things, and given that this Mars Retrograde we’re in until April 13th travel all through the sign of Virgo, it’s an especially good time for re-organizing or re-decorating!

Which is why I think this “Books Make a Home” by Damian Thompson may have to be on my shopping list. Although I like visiting places without books, a fully modern apartment without any would feel like a hotel room or monastery to me, so I doubt I’ll ever be without several bookcases around, and therefore might as well make the best of what I love!

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Time to Take Stock!

October 3
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The brisk weather of Fall is upon us, and it just makes me want to come home and curl up on my couch and listen to some music, and maybe do a little cooking with the old crock pot. It seems like Fall and Winter, more than other seasons, are seasons to make lists, or notes to oneself. And what better way than with a handy chalkboard. No smelly markers on dry erase boards for me! With this vintage inspired chalkboard from Terrain, your apartment can get that French bistro vibe while you’re minding the p’s and q’s of your life!

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Re-inventing with Mercury Retrograde!

August 20
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The Summer has been flying by, so I was almost unprepared for this Mercury Retrograde, intellectually that is. I hadn’t investigated how it was going to affect me, and so I wasn’t sure what the main theme of this time was going to be. I should have known though, that with the initial Retrograde point of 1 degree Virgo very close to the cusp of my 4th house in late Leo that this Retrograde would be about re-inventing my abode.

If you’ve had your chart done, and know which houses Mercury will be Retrograding through (In this case wherever 18 degrees Leo through 1 degree Virgo are in your chart) you can usually get a fairly accurate sneak peak of where the re-invention of your life will take place! However, oftentimes if you tune in, you can intuit where the major changes are going to be either through major events or where you’re feeling you should put your time and energy in for this period.

In my case, I hadn’t planned to spend almost every Friday night for the past couple of weeks re-arranging the furniture, but throughout the week I’d notice “Oh, if I move this around and got rid of this, everything would be more streamlined!” and by Friday I was itching to put into action the re-organization that I had been contemplating all week!

Bookcases, books, files, chairs, magazines, and even plants have been moved and sometimes even given away in the latest re-organization. And although no small Brooklyn apartment can ever really be considered spacious, I like to think that mine is more spacious than it was before. So often the work weeks are filled with chaos and stress, and nothing is more lovely than to come home to your welcoming abode that allows you to rest and relax. Speaking of which, if you aren’t feeling the energy to re-invent something during this retrograde, the best thing is to try and take it easy and rest up, even take a vacation or couple of days off if you need to! You’ll come back with more energy than every once Mercury goes direct this coming Friday, August 26th! We’ll still be in the shadow phase through early September, but if you’ve been feeling out of sorts, you should start to feel the confusion ease after the next week or so.

Happy re-inventing or resting up!

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