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April 20
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Today I put away all my turtlenecks. We are closer to May than the start of April, even though the weather is a bit slow to warm. Plus, it was on my To Do list. I’ve discovered the amazing “Wunderlist” app and website which has helped me be more productive and get things done.

I’m one of those people who desperately needs to write things down or else I will forget them. Especially as I have so many ideas floating around and usually put my ideas on a post-it note, which I then promptly lose! While I’ve found that most “To Do” apps just allow you to list things, the best part about this one is that it allows you to group things together into folders. So you can have a “To Do” folder, a “Shopping” folder, an “Organizing Apartment” folder, whatever you want folder!

Then you can check off completed items or even give yourself reminds about items and due dates. You can even share a list with someone else, if you’re collaborating on something! It’s completely easy and intuitive to use. Best of all, it’s completely free, is available for iPad, iPhone, Mac, Android and Windows. It syncs up between devices so you’ll always have everything you need in any location. Pretty much it’s got you covered everywhere, and as far as I can see, it may be the only “list” app you’ll ever need!

Part of my Spring initiative, since I returned from my yoga retreat, is to examine my habits and see how they’re working for me and how they’re not. Habits, as I mentioned in my last post, can be either good or bad, but the key is that once you have them, they’re kind of like our autopilot. We think so much is within our control, but really we’re creatures of habit. A program and app like Wunderlist, helps me keep a habit of looking in one central place for what I need to do next, allowing me not to have to look around for that damn post-it! I think it’s a change for the better!

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Mercury goes Direct and Moshi Moshi goes POP!

April 3
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Thinking this evening about the past Mercury Retrograde, which will conclude Wednesday April 4th at 6:11 am EDT with Mercury going Direct, I almost thought “Well that wasn’t bad at all!” But then I remembered everything that had happened in the past three weeks and realized, in fact, it was awful, but thankfully my coping skills had managed to block out a good deal of it!

However this past Mercury Retrograde has treated you, in honor if its change of direction, I thought I’d share a new discovery in the communications department: the Moshi Moshi POP phone for your smart phone! Now, you all might be like me and almost never use your cell phone to actually make a phone call (I know that’s so 90’s and early 00’s right?) but I realized when I heard about this device that I don’t like gabbing away on my smart phone because I do worry that the effects of the electromagnetic radiation emitted by the device are yet unknown. Why tempt fate says the placid Taurus? I’ll just text instead!

But sometimes you do want to use those rollover minutes that are piling up! And it turns out that the Moshi Moshi Pop phone adapter reduces radiation by 95-99%! I’m sold (although I may not order the device until Mars also goes direct)! The fact that the colors and style of the handset scream of my teeny-bop years in the 80’s is an added bonus! Remember, we had to spend all that time on the phone back then, because well, there was no internet! Now with Mercury Direct, back to the future let’s go!

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Yogging to the Rescue!

September 15
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I’m always amazed at how people change and grow throughout their lives. Time has people doing things that they never think that they would do. For instance, I never thought that I would try and enjoy jogging or any type of running at all. Because anyone who knows me knows that I have hated jogging for as long as I can remember. In middle and high school we were subjected to a twice yearly mile and a half test, which was graded via time. One time I was 5 seconds away from an F! My body and teeth would literally vibrate after those mile and a halves, which I always thought was a bad sign. I should point out that ironically, they also wanted me to be in track because I happened to be very good at sprinting, just very bad at long distance (too many high-twitch, too few low twitch muscles). I refused knowing the endurance training would probably kill me.

So I’ve coasted along the years never really having to worry about my weight until this year, this Summer in particular. I had a “come to Jesus” moment when not a single pair of my pants would fit me! The horror level was very high for someone who’s never had to worry about her waistline! This is when I decided that I should attempt to get into yogging, as I call it. After realizing I was not really exercising except my 2 mile walk to work to and from my job in the nether regions of the city, as that had been exhausting at the beginning because I had such poor endurance level training in the past, I decided it was time to take my endurance/cardio training to the next level!

As I recounted to my friends, I could not find my fanny pack in my apartment, so I had to research how I was going to carry my keys/etc around. My friends assured me it was a grace from the fashion gods that I could not find my old fanny pack and that instead I searched out other exercise accoutrement to go with my newfound yogging resolution!

After much research I decided on the following items, to make my yogging experience the best it could possibly be: 1. TuneBand for the iphone 2. Amphipod waistband clip for keys/money 3. EARBUDi to make sure those earbuds actually stay on while running. I of course, would pair all of this with sunglasses almost as large as my head, and a hat, so as to minimize potential sun damage. So much for being a fashion icon! I actually thought of adding a sweatband to my head and wrist to go whole hog with the 70’s experience but decided against it at the last minute.

While I can’t fit into all of my pants, I have to say that after a month or attempting my version of interval training yogging once a week, I can now at least fit into several pairs of them, which is a start and enough to keep me attempting to yog away!

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8 Tracks App!

June 20
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We all know that Pandora is amazing. . . But equally amazing is 8tracks! For those of you who listen to my mix tapes on this blog, you’ll know the site, and how it allows anyone to be their own DJ and publish their own Mix Tapes for everyone to listen.

What you might not know is that 8tracks has a great free App for the iphone! With popular settings such as Featured, Hot, New, Mix Feed, Like, and browsing ability, it’s a great way to listen to music on the go no matter where you are! I was very pleased to find that my “Air/Wind Wind Solar Eclipse” mix tape was selected to be on their featured section recently! Although Pandora is great in it’s own way, what makes 8tracks great is knowing that there’s a person behind your mix tape, not a machine that’s pairing up songs.

So the next time you’re going for a run, or in need of a little background music, whether at work or play, consider checking out 8tracks either online or with their App! The App is even compatible with Airplay if you want to stream at home!

Maybe you’ll be playing DJ soon as well!

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Ipod Reinvented as Home Stereo!

May 10
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I have a tendency to keep things around for a long time. I even have some clothing that I made in high school, which is kind of scary if you think about it. I’m trying to mend my ways, and get rid of things that don’t suit me any longer, but I do love re-inventing things instead of necessarily throwing them away. It’s not only the creative solution, but sometimes the one that least adds to landfills.

Take for instance my 15 GB ipod from 2003, which still works and amazingly has decent battery life! It seemed like everyone already had one when I got it. It couldn’t get any better than this–all those hours of songs on a portable device! The future had arrived! I was transported back to when I got my first Walkman in the early 80’s, the Eurythmics, “Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)” album as a cassette tape accompanying it. Since then new technology always makes me feel like a teenager!

But what to do when a 15 GB ipod from 2003 seems like ancient history? Well since I’m a working girl who enjoys relaxing in the bath after a long days work, the only thing that could make a bath better would be great music! But where to put said music? My bathroom is miniscule! So tiny that I put most of my bath products on a tray on top of the toilet tank (like I saw in an issue of Domino!). I figured if I could find a really teeny tiny stereo to accompany my now passe ipod I might have a great bathroom music setup!

With a little searching I discovered the Altec Lansing Ultraportable Speaker! Not only is it super small, and less than $20 on, but you connect with a 3.5mm connector that works on almost any device (and you can buy a 2.5mm connector adapter if that’s the size your device has)! The volume is controlled through your ipod so you can determine of how loud the music is and the sound (at least in the bathroom!) is amazing! Pop in a pair of eneloop AAA batteries and you have yourself a stereo fit for a queen!

With this new set-up, now when listen to music while I take a bath or a shower, I think “It can’t get any better than this!” and I feel like I’m a teenager!

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