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June Solar Eclipse “Air/Wind” Mixtape!

June 1
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At 5:00 pm EDT today there was a Solar Eclipse at 11 degrees Gemini! This is the first eclipse in Gemini as we move from the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse signs of the past couple of years. We had a lunar eclipse in late Sagittarius at the end of 2010 which ushered in the Gemini/Sagittarius pair, but this will be our first Solar Eclipse for the cycle.

I mentioned before that I think that eclipses in Water signs can be particularly hard to deal with as the changes they bring can be so visceral. However, one should not discount the “Winds of Change” so to speak for eclipses in Air Signs! Hence, the “Air/Wind Solar Eclipse Mixtape!” for this New Moon Eclipse! While air might not seem the most powerful of the elements, think of the recent tornados to get an idea of the power it can have under the right circumstances. It seems we are scheduled for some big changes this Summer! We’ll have to see where the wind takes us!

Listen here to the “Air/Wind Solar Eclipse” Mixtape!

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December New Moon Holiday Mixtape!

December 6
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The New Moon clocked in yesterday, December 5th around 12:30 pm in the sign of the archer the Sagittarius! For those of you who know your mythology you’ll know that Sagittarius is the sign of the centaur, the half-horse, half-human. Indeed many Sagittarians have a special bond with horses, I’ve noticed. They also love travel, animals (they’re the Dr. Dolittle sign!), higher education, learning something new and seeing the Big Picture. It’s no wonder then that they are the nomads of the zodiac! While not homebodies (and sometimes can be even be accused of being commitment phobes!), they often have a sunny view of life, probably because their constantly changing horizon line makes them into a rolling stone that gathers no moss!

Consequentially this time of year is a good time to celebrate thinking big, and seeing where in one’s life one might need a broader vision! After all isn’t that what the holiday spirit is about; embracing differences, reuniting with family and friends, and celebrating that we’ve all made it through another year! Here’s some music to help keep you in the holiday spirit!

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