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Merc Retro “Solar Eclipse ‘Fly’ Mix Tape!”

November 26
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Well it’s official: we’re fully into the Sagittarius/Gemini eclipse cycle! The tail end of the Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle finished this past Summer with the mega-whammy Triple Eclipse of June and July! I am also happy to report that there will be no Triple Whammy this Winter, just the regular pair of eclipses, one Solar and the other Lunar.

This time, we began the cycle with the Solar Eclipse, which occurred officially after most of us were passed out from our Thanksgiving dinners this morning at 1:08 AM EST. What I find fascinating about this Eclipse series, is not only that it takes place entirely within a Mercury Retrograde (which is a strange time to begin with) but also that the first eclipse, the Solar one from this morning, took place at 2 degrees Sagittarius which is very close to the 3 degrees that Mercury will regress to by December 13th before it goes Direct.

Even more interesting, is that the Lunar Eclipse on December 10th, will occur at 18 degrees Sag/Gemini which is extremely close to the 20 degree starting point of the Mercury Retro on Nov 24th! It’s almost like there’s a bizarre book-ending going on, a strange symmetry, with the eclipses and the Retrograde

I can’t say that I really know what it all means, or what this Retrograde and these eclipses will bring in combination. Traditionally Eclipses mean “big change” and Retrogrades mean “reflection/review.” Whether or not the combination adds up to a life changing review or something from the past returning to drastically change the present, I cannot say. But I will say this: There’s a lot of Sagittarius in this Solar Eclipse chart! Sun/Moon/Mercury/Venus and North Node are all in Sag! That’s a lot of centaurs out there, just itching to roam and live the nomadic life! Most of us cannot live the nomadic life of constantly changing horizons, as our live aren’t configured for such constant exploration. However, we can always challenge ourself to think in a new way, learn something new, and grow, intellectually, emotionally, and spiritually!

So whatever this Merc Retrograde and Eclipse set brings us this Holiday season, it almost certainly will allow us to expand our horizons and allow for a broader view of the world we live in. And while we may not be able to take the round the world journey we’ve always wanted, we can listen to this “Solar Eclipse ‘Fly’ Mix tape!” and remind ourselves that not all journeys that we take, have to be literal ones.

Solar Eclipse “Fly” Mix! by Sasha on Grooveshark

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“Brave New World” Lunar Eclipse Mix tape!

June 15
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How many goodly creatures are there here!
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world! That has such people in it!

-Shakespeare “The Tempest”

Lately I’ve felt like I’ve been catapulted into a “Brave New World” that I did not know could exist. Sometimes, when you encounter certain individuals who, let’s say, are behaving neither professionally nor with any empathy whatsoever, you just have to say “Wow! Glad that’s not me!” For you never want to lose your empathy and sense of humanity, even if others around seem to have no moral compass. Many have fallen for “Fools Gold” in many senses, and many will continue to do so.

With this Lunar Eclipse being only the second out of three Eclipses, and with the Moon being in Sagittarius, we may feel like we’re on a long journey during this time. Some are in fact undertaking a huge journey to a new life, having to leave behind everything they’ve known in a Aldous Huxlean “Brave New World” to embrace a more Shakespearean “Brave New World.”

The official Full Moon Solar Eclipse will occur at 4:12 pm EDT. Feel free to celebrate moving on to new ground by listening to this “Brave New Word Lunar Eclipse Mix tape!”

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Effects of the Total Lunar Eclipse!

December 24
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“Sleigh bells ring, are you listening?”–Winter Wonderland

I always love to relate real-world “in action” effects of astrological events so I can’t wait to share this one with you all! As I mentioned, the Lunar eclipse on Tuesday morning took place in the degrees of 29 degrees Sagittarius of the Sun and 29 degrees Gemini of the Moon.

Now, while I may not be either a Sagittarian or a Gemini, my Ascendant is in late Gemini, and consequentially my Descendant is in late Sagittarius, conjunct the eclipse points. The Ascendant is what you see usually when you first meet a person, and as you get to know them their Sun sign starts to show through the “personality” of the Ascendant sign.

Well with the Moon eclipsed in my first house so close to my Ascendant I wondered if something might happen for me, but couldn’t put my finger on what. Wherever the Moon is during a Lunar Eclipse usually shows where one might have a temporary loss so that something new can take it’s place. As it turns out for me, out of nowhere on Sunday I got a sore throat, by Monday I had a sultry voice even though I’d plied myself with tons of vitamins, and on Tuesday morning, although I had no intention of getting up to see the eclipse I did anyhow around 4 am due to the fact that my throat was killing me. I had an amazing view from my bedroom window, and it was a stark and beautiful sight.

When the car service called that morning to let me know they were downstairs I was shocked to discover I couldn’t say anything! They almost hung up on me because I only realized then that I’d lost my voice! I barely managed to squeak out enough to have them not hang up and get my cab to the airport.

I have to say that losing one’s voice and staying home sick is one thing, but losing one’s voice and having to travel and interact with people is rather challenging. I have come to take for granted my voice (communication and writing as well as talking are ruled by Gemini!) and it has humbling to be without it for the past couple of days. I have a little of it back now, but the first few days with the family have been awash in thumbs up, down, ok signs, and literally writing out complicated sentences that I couldn’t whisper in an almost inaudible tone. Combine that with my father’s hearing not being in top peak form from previous days and we’ve been having lots of laughs recently trying to communicate! I’ve been listening more than I’ve been talking and maybe that’s a good thing in the long run.

I’ve learned not to take for granted the ability to communicate this Christmas. When I get my voice back maybe I’ll listen more in addition to talking!

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The Solstice Lunar Eclipse Full Moon!

December 20
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In addition to a lot of holiday parties there have been a lot of astrological events happening recently! Yesterday we had the inferior conjunction of the Sun to Mercury, which is basically when Mercury conjuncts the Sun while Merc is Retrograde. This inferior conjunction time is usually a turning point in the Mercury Retrograde cycle and will sometimes bring flashes of understanding or insight into a situation that has been highlighted for the past couple of weeks.

But that’s not all! Tomorrow is the BIG day that we’ve all been waiting for (or maybe not!). If you’re into lunar eclipse watching, tomorrow would be a great time to watch the eclipse which starts around 1 am EST, with totality around 3:11 am and lasting until around 5 am. Sad to say that I might not be the night owl that stays up just to watch the celestial drama unfold! It should be beautiful though, if you happen to have a window where you can view in from inside in the warmth of your home or apartment.

Some astrologers have noted that Uranus is in a challenging Square aspect to Sun/Moon/Mercury as well as Mars/Pluto (loosely) this lunar eclipse. They say that this could mean that unexpected changes that might be challenging could be on their way. While that is a possibility, let’s also not forget that looking at the chart above we see that Jupiter is in the mix still conjunct with Uranus for this T-square aspect.

I tend to think that when Jupiter shows up, things usually happen for the best and if there is an unexpected loss on its way, it might end up being more liberating than upsetting hopefully. While lunar eclipses often are said to be indicative of a kind of ending (so that a new beginning in the solar eclipse can happen) we should not forget that not all endings are bad. Like the series finale to a show, like say Six Feet Under, you can have complete closure and move forwards to new things. You can also of course have a series ending you might not like so much (dare I say that I thought the ending to Lost wasn’t as good as it could have been?). Then of course there are the unexpected endings to shows, like Twin Peaks or Rubicon, which leave you hanging, because there was every intention of having another season but it just wasn’t in the cards!

So if there are endings that come up hopefully they will be nice and neat (if unexpected) ones. I think though that with the Moon Trine Neptune, and Venus Sextile Mars during all of this, there may be some unexpected Spiritual as well as potential Creative/Romantic salvation in this eclipse.

Then the official Winter Solstice and moving of the Sun from Sagittarius to Capricorn, Old Man Winter personified, will occur around 7 pm EST. It’s a full day ahead tomorrow! I would say get some rest, but only if you’re not watching the eclipse!

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December 13
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I’m thinking that this 20X200.com print by Lisa Congdon may have to become part of my art collection. It gives an immediate sense of the experience of travel, given that I never see bag tags unless I am actually traveling or have just come home from a trip. More metaphorically I think it’s a reminder of the fact that life is more about the journey than the destination; a fitting thought while the Sun is moving through the sign of Sagittarius, the natural traveler! As someone whose Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius I completely identify with this philosophy! We are a collection of our personal journeys.

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